Love Handbags?

Who among us does not love to buy a new pocketbook? One for work, one for going out, spring bags, casual bags, all colors, patterns, we love them all.

Who among us have pocket books sitting on their closet shelves, that they seldom use because they don't have the time to transfer the contents from one bag to another. In addition to the fact that they hate doing so because their purse is usually a disaster area to begin with. Here’s how to organize your handbag.


It's called a Pouchee TM - it's a super smart purse organizer.  Once you have placed all your frequently used and important items in it, you simply switch it out from purse to purse.

Pouchee's are available in two sizes.

If you prefer to use a wallet and a purse organizer is not a good solution for you, I recommend using small flat zippered bags (like a flat pencil case) to hold checkbooks, coupons and receipts. Another for all the small items, such as lip balm, tums, hair tie, purse hanger, tissues etc. Switching the contents from one bag to another is then super easy to do.